Flucelvax Influenza Vaccine Quadrivalent, Pre-filled Syringes, PFS



2022-2023 Season

.5mL 10 Single Dose Pre-Filled Syringe


6 Months and Older 

Seqirus – 10% Returnable, Call 877.226.2266 For Details.


* (FET) Federal Excise Tax $.75 Per Dose is not included in the above price…Prior to Shipments a Current Pharmaceutical Wholesale, DEA or State Medical License must be on file and verified. Allocations based on the current market conditions and manufacturer availability. ABO will not be held accountable or assume any financial responsibility for any product mis-shipments, delays or damages; including any errors being made by UPS/Fed Ex. Freight Is not included unless stated in above Flu Vaccine order.. Please Ask ABO Account Rep for details. Signing below will be used as verification to all terms and conditions listed. You Agree that this is a contract binding order which may only be amended or cancelled with a ABO Pharmaceuticals Manager Approval. Vaccine Returns can only be made with RGA or ABO Return Authorization form if Approved. Contact ABO Pharmaceuticals for return details. Visit us online @ www.abopharmaceuticals.com or www.shopfluvaccines.com. Call ABO Pharmaceuticals @ 877-226-2266 for Volume Discounts and Current Offers.


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